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I am very impressed with my movie transfer and photo restoration services. Due to a flood in my house I had several water damaged photos and old family movies. They do an impeccable job and I am looking forward to using their services again in the future. This has been an amazing experience.

~ Sara C. Los Angeles, CA

I stumbled across Timeless Photo Restoration one day when looking for a company to digitize my photos and old albums. So I glad I did. The team was absolutely fantastic and gave me confidence that my memories were in good hands.

~ Christopher M. Chicago, IL

They did a great job the first time and was very responsive. Happy to have my grandparent’s photo from 1908 restored. It was a great experience for me and my family. You can trust them with all your photo restoration needs

~ Michelle M. Austin, TX

I was skeptical at first but they gave me all the confidence I needed. These are memories that cannot be recreated and they are the right team to trust. A special thank you to the Timeless Photo Restoration team for a job well done!

~ Raymond V. Santa Fe, NM

Timeless Photo Restoration let me sleep easy and I knew my family photos were in the right hands. After the photos were damaged in a flood we were concerned we lose them forever. With Timeless this was not the case. The process from beginning to end was great. Thank you for giving us back our beautiful memories.

~ Tim R. Newport Beach, CA

Timeless Photo Restoration did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to friends and family. My World War II photo is proudly displayed on my mantel. I am glad I worked with such an amazing group of people.

~Walter D. Marco Island, FL

The entire staff has been superb! Their customer service is great. They responded very quickly and go above and beyond to help. They got the colors correct the first time with restoring the only photo I have of my mother when she was younger. They understand the art of old photo restoration and show they truly love preserving memories for their customers.

~Leslie P. Dallas, TX

A big thank you to the Timeless Photo Restoration team! Job well done!!

~Sammy F. Houston, TX

Being in retail the industry I deliver superb service and expect the same. WOW! A team full of enthusiastic people with talent, dedication and a passion for preserving our memories. Cannot say enough about the job they completed for the surprise gift to my wife. She cried when she saw the restored photo of herself as a child. A job well done!

~Elizabeth C. NYC, NY

I can’t say enough about the excellent work this company has done. They took 8mm movies that I thought were beyond repair and transformed them into lasting memories for my family. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them.

~Karen G. Outer Banks, NC

Timeless Photo Restoration listened to my thoughts and suggestions and surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend them to my friends and family. Their craftsmanship with restoring our wedding album and creating a new book is truly that, Timeless. Thank you again!

~Stuart M. Washington D.C.

An absolute pleasure to work with. They were friendly, accommodating and patient. When you put that together with their talented and dedicated employees you get superior results and a trusted source for your photo restoration.

~Michael B. Boston, MA

I now have a trusted company to keep my movie memories alive for generations to come.

~Fran B. Nashville, TN

Kevin J. Manhattan Family Image

Give them a try! I was nervous at first but once I talked to them they gave me the confidence I needed to safeguard my family memories and make them timeless! Hats off for a job well done.

~ Kevin J. Manhattan, NY

I have tried other restoration services but this one is clearly the best. The team is fantastic but don’t take my word for it, give them a call!

~ Lindsey D. Chicago, IL

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Stephanie Magoon
Stephanie Magoon
17:18 26 Dec 18
Lisa & Tina did an outstanding job on restoring my boyfriends basic training photo that had water damage & he was absolutely ecstatic about his Christmas gift this year. Timeless Photo Restorations were very professional and courteous every step of the process - Thank you ladies for a fabulous job.
Tara Halvax
Tara Halvax
19:58 19 Dec 18
Overall, a perfect experience! I emailed with a request to restore a photo that was literally band-aided together from the 50's. Their response was prompt and their quote for the work was accurate. I opted to drop off the photo rather than mail it and I was able to pick up the photo about 2 weeks later. Staff was always super friendly and responsive AND my photo looks amazing!
marilyn mason
marilyn mason
03:32 08 Dec 18
I wanted so much to give my daughter and her son something special for Christmas. Something that would last forever. So I took a old baby picture of my daughter and had them add my grandson. I could not believe that picture it was awesome. They did a wonderful job. I am truly happy.
Karen Miller
Karen Miller
09:56 27 Oct 18
This business is the standard to which any other business should be compared. From customer service to the perfection of the restoration was flawless. I've been thinking lately that businesses these days just don't care; that customer service is dead. Not so with Timeless Photo. Their restoration is person to them and it matters to them. I am in awe that in today's world, they were able to personalize this situation for me of a photo that meant so much to me and my family. Don't worry about your treasured photo when you send it off - these folks will handle it with kid gloves. Truly an amazing and refreshing experience. Karen M.
Derek Sutton
Derek Sutton
16:39 09 Aug 18
We were extremely happy with the work on the old photo. It looked really great. This shows just how important it is not only to us, but to those doing the restoration work. Everything was organized and timely. Thank you.
Anna Austin
Anna Austin
15:12 21 Mar 18
Beautiful work they did on restoring an old photo, and even able to greatly enlarge to different sizes. Cost was reasonable, service was prompt and they were very nice to work with. Highly recommend!
Hattie Richardson
Hattie Richardson
13:51 19 Mar 18
“THANK YOU! When I received my photos, and saw the final products, they were absolutely stunning?? So impressed by the magic you worked and I am definitely grateful for choosing your services. It is unimaginable how you are able to recreate the images. So perfect, so caring and so professional!!!!
Richard Morgan
Richard Morgan
22:40 08 Mar 18
I wanted to get something special for my wife for Valentine's day and sent the only decent photo my wife has of her father to them to see if anything could be done as the picture was taken on a cloudy day with him in the deepest shadow of a tree; not a lot of detail, I thought. I was amazed at what they were able to pull out of the photo! Now my wife has a real picture of her father and that made her very, very happy. It is simply impossible to express how much this meant to her and the family. I would recommend them without hesitation.
wanda newton
wanda newton
19:36 28 Dec 17
Thank you Stephanie and the staff at Timeless. I presented my son a photo of his first haircut. From what he knew of the original photo and damage. He was impressed by the quality of the restoration. I highly recommend Timeless Photo Restoration for preserving your keepsake photos.
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen
04:29 28 Dec 17
The photo we had redone was of my mother-in-law and her three daughters from 40+ years ago. From the very beginning everyone that we dealt with was very helpful and professional. All of our questions and concerns were addressed and taken care of promptly. The end result was fantastic. I would highly recommend Timeless Photo Restoration to everyone that wants to restore photos from yesteryear.
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