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Welcome to Timeless Photo Restoration

At Timeless Photo Restoration, we specialize in photo restoration of any kind and service customers from all 50 states. Our family-owned and operated business can restore torn, water-damaged, fire-damaged, as well as, old cracked and faded photos. Because every project is so unique, we complete each project by hand. Unlike our competitors, we have quick turnaround times and promise a higher quality.

Our Process Is Simple

  • Scan or Mail us Your Photograph (Shipping is on us)
  • We will respond within one business day! We will provide you a cusomtized quote (that’s right, no set price because every photo is a unique. We only provide the best possible results.)
  • Digital proofs will be sent before printing
  • Same size print or free enlargement up to 8×10 (plus discounted additional prints)
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Our Work

What People Are Saying About Us


I was skeptical at first but they gave me all the confidence I needed. These are memories that cannot be recreated and they are the right team to trust. A special thank you to the Timeless Photo Restoration team for a job well done!

Raymond V. Santa Fe, NM


I stumbled across Timeless Photo Restoration one day when looking for a company to digitize my photos and old albums. So I glad I did. The team was absolutely fantastic and gave me confidence that my memories were in good hands.

Christopher M. Chicago, IL


They did a great job the first time and was very responsive. Happy to have my grandparent’s photo from 1908 restored. It was a great experience for me and my family. You can trust them with all your photo restoration needs

Michelle M. Austin, TX


I am very impressed with my movie transfer and photo restoration services. Due to a flood in my house I had several water damaged photos and old family movies. They do an impeccable job and I am looking forward to using their services again in the future. This has been an amazing experience.

Sara C. Los Angeles, CA

Why Timeless Photos?

Highest Quality


We offer the highest quality and attention to detail in the industry. We can enlarge up to 3x 4 ft!

Turnaround Times


Most photos take 1-2 weeks (average 4x faster than our competitors)



We are a family owned and operated company. We know it’s hard to mail in the only copy you have of a precious memory, that’s why your photos stay in our hands. We use only UPS to ensure you can track your photo every step of the way.



While other sites guarantee a price before seeing your photo, we give you a custom quote based on getting the best results.

A Note from Our Owner

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At Timeless Photo Restoration, it’s not just about restoring photos, it’s about preserving memories. We are personally committed to providing the highest quality photograph restoration. Every image has a story, and it’s important to us that the story is carried on for generations to come. It is not only a service we provide, but passion for what we do. It’s our clients that drive that passion, as one of the latest comments sent to us, “I received my photos today and they are amazing! My mother will love them! What a wonderful way to make a living…by helping people preserve and revive cherished family heirlooms that will now be around for generations to come.” Yes, a great way to make a living but even a better reward for preserving family heirlooms and memories. ~Stephanie and the entire restoration team

Stephanie Tamez